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John G. Baucom has over 35 years in the wide spectrum of automotive experiences, John is recognized as a Driver and Mechanic with a wealth of knowledge. Expert in all aspects of race car building, testing and driver coaching including his development of high-performance engines and drive systems, customizing suspension geometry and functional coachwork. Able to traverse the worlds of business owner and championship driver gives John the unique perspective of being able to coach and mentor other race car drivers on maximizing their unique experiences.

Began working with a IMSA in 1988

Began racing in SCCA 1990

1996 Driver of the year award

1996 Winner of the National Championship runoffs in EP

2000 Driver of the year award

2000 Jim Fitzgerald Driver Award

2000 Winner in two separate classes (EP & GP) in the               same National Championship weekend


2000 Winner of the Presidential Cup Award

2015 1st place Winner of 50th anniversary of TransAM race         in Motor City.

2020 Winner of the Southern Cup Award.

He began his Professional racing career the winter of 2000 starting out in the TransAm season for 2001 and continued to successfully compete in the TransAm series for the next twenty years going on to have many podium finishes including finishing 1st place at the 50th anniversary race of TransAm in Motor City.

After retiring from Professional racing he moved his focus to Customer race car preparation and support and track support along with building performance and race engines including but not exclusive to TA cars, SCCA cars and all vintage racing series.

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